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Mar 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Community Outreach

Ryan Hess, age 30, husband and father of 2, was initially diagnosed with t-cell lymphoma in June of 2009. After 3 rounds of chemo and a bone marrow transplant he went into a 3 month remission. Sadly, on March 4 we learned his cancer is back.  Many people have asked how they can help. The Hess family says that  prayers and federal employee leave time are the two best things you can do to help!

As of March 13, 2010 all donated leave Ryan has received will run out.  With more chemo treatments ahead and an uncertain future, returning to work will be impossible in the near future.  Any donated leave would be greatly appreciated, even the minimum of 4 hours.

How can you help if you ARE a Federal Employee? (except active duty military and Postal workers)
Go to your HR department and request to donate leave to Ryan Hess who works for the VA- Tucson. (Your HR person will know the form that needs to be filled out- each Federal agency has their own form to donate leave) Once filled out and signed, the HR person will then need to fax or e-mail the form to:
Brenda Joy – Benefits Specialist (TUCSON V.A.)
Phone #: (520) 792-1450 x 4409
Fax # : (520) 629-1849 attn: Brenda Joy
E-Mail :Brenda.Joy@va.gov

“Our family has been incredibly blessed by the generosity of friends and family throughout this fight with cancer.  We appreciate any time that you can donate and for all the prayers given in our families’ behalf.” -Ryan and Margie Hess

Please visit: www.teamryanhess.blogspot.com for updates.

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