Home Sweet Home

Nov 15th, 2011 | By | Category: Homeowner Advice

Home Sweet homw | Decoration your BedroomSince we all need food every day, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home… a place where health and wellness are nurtured. Your kitchen should be easy to hang out in, as well as easy to work in. Since most of us aren’t in the process of designing a home from scratch, I will focus on some simple Feng Shui-based tips to make your existing kitchen into the “healthy heart of the home”.

1.    Clean and clear. A dirty or cluttered kitchen has a negative effect on our health and energy. Clean from top to bottom, over, under and behind everything. Don’t let the garbage can overflow and toss out all the foods that are past their expiration date..really, what are you waiting for?? Rather than cringing when you open your refrigerator or cabinets, you should feel calm and uplifted.

2.    Do you really need that? Take everything… yes everything …out of your cabinets (one cabinet at a time), clean the shelves and then assess what you really use before placing things back. Ask yourself when you last used each item, and what the likelihood is of using it ever again. If you want to keep an item you seldom use, make room for it on a higher shelf or put it in storage. Donate gadgets and cookware
you never use.

3.    Play matchmaker. As you return items to your cabinets, do yourself a favor and organize things that are used together. For example: place your sweet baking spices on one side and the savory ones on the other. Pair baking pans and cooling racks close to each other. Consider installing pull-out shelves in your cabinets.

4.    Clear the counters. When was the last time you used that juicer or blender that’s a permanent fixture on your countertop? Many appliances and other items can take up space on counters. Remove everything, wipe down the surfaces, and replace only the things you use on a daily basis.

5.    Make it work. Fix things that are broken. Replace chipped bowls, repair dripping faucets and sharpen your knives. Make a rule: if you can’t fix it, toss it out. In Feng Shui this is a very important step, since things that are well-cared for signify your intention to take good care of yourself, too!

6.    Mirrors in the kitchen? Some say a small mirror placed behind the stove creates good Feng Shui and reflects activity behind you when you’re cooking. Personally, I don’t follow that tip exactly because I think a mirror looks odd behind the stove and it’s a magnet for splatters while cooking. If you agree, try another reflective surface like a shiny granite or glass tile backsplash.

7.    Balance the elements. Your kitchen already contains three of Feng Shui’s Five Elements: Fire, Water and Metal. The 2 missing elements, Wood and Earth, can be added in the form of a bowl of fruit, a small, healthy potted plant, or even a picture of one of these. When the elements are balanced, a space feels inviting and doesn’t create more stress in your already hectic life.

Remember that your kitchen isn’t simply a place to cook. It is deeply connected to the quality of your health and your overall well-being. Make it work for you! Email your questions or comments to Mary at mbenavides@longrealty.com