Home Sweet Home

Sep 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Homeowner Advice

Home Sweet Home | The Sahuarita ConnectionWe are starting a new series on creating a comfortable home environment that looks and feels good. The way we feel is often affected by our surroundings, so creating a home that is relaxing, organized and that flows properly may actually improve your life. Based loosely on Feng Shui principles, most of the advice you will find in this series is based on staging techniques that have I have utilized when listing homes for sale. Simply moving things around can create a sense of balance and harmony. Sellers are often thrilled with the results and wish they had made the changes long before trying to sell their homes. Feng Shui decorating does not mean you have to create a Zen-like home. You will be decorating your house with the goal of creating a home you enjoy being in. You may even find yourself wanting to spend more time at home!

Your first assignment isn’t much fun…the first Feng Shui requirement is to clear the old energy and create a clear foundation. What?? That means you have to get rid of clutter! Once you’ve completed that step, clean your windows inside and out to let as much light in as possible. Now clear and sweep the path to your front door. Now you’re ready to begin.

This month’s focus is the entrance to your home. The front entrance makes the first impression when you enter your home. Sharp, overwhelming pictures, piles of shoes, and debris can create a dark mood. If your entrance doesn’t have a side window, or is dark and narrow, consider hanging a mirror to give a feeling of expansion. Use the brightest lighting possible. Vibrant flowers, paintings of nature or landscapes and minimal decorations that are easy on the eye are more likely to create a sense of well being. Clean your front door and repaint it if necessary. If the doorbell is broken, fix it. Make sure the front door opens smoothly and quietly. Spray the hinges with silicone spray to stop squeaks. Don’t store anything behind the door so it can open fully. If you followed these steps, entering your home should feel airy, clean and peaceful. It will give new meaning to the saying, “welcome home”!
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