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Mar 29th, 2010 | By | Category: Market At A Glance, Market Update

Housing Market Recovering | Sahuarita | Quail Creek | Green Valley | The Sahuarita ConnectionIs the Housing Market Recovering Yet???

While positive reports continue to pop up in the media, the fact is that we are still in a very fragile economy.  Short sales and REO properties are still  creating a drag on home prices, but those homes are selling so there is hope that we will eventually clear them from our inventory.  I am seeing strong sales activity in Sahuarita, Quail Creek, and Green Valley and we all know that demand is a key factor in our recovery process.  We could wish that we are at the very least heading in the right direction…or perhaps we are coasting along the so-called bottom. It is still too soon to tell,  especially since banks are projecting a heavy influx of new foreclosures to enter the   market this year (a projection based on a large number of mortgage defaults). We are still waiting to see what will  happen when the home buying tax credit ends and the Fed’s stop buying mortgage-backed securities.

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