I want to update my kitchen, but I’m looking for the latest trends. What would you recommend?

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We are starting to see some new trends in in kitchens.  Realtor.org and HomeThangs.com, offer the following kitchen design predictions for the New Year:



  • Modern style: Kitchens are getting more modern in style, boasting simplified lines and offering up big, open spaces perfect for entertaining.
  • Tucked-away appliances: Appliances designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen, like with the same wood of the cabinets, are becoming more popular. Also, some appliances, like under counter or mini refrigerators or trash compactors, are being tucked away into a kitchen island.
  • Lots of lights: Great lighting in the kitchen is becoming more important, with lighting being layered with a mixture of task lighting and        ambient lighting. Under-cabinet LED lights are becoming more commonplace.
  •  Supersized kitchen islands: “2013 kitchen design trends are moving away from dining rooms and toward eating, drinking, and interacting in the kitchen itself, and a large kitchen island complete with bar stools is the perfect way to make this happen,” according to HomeThangs.com. this helps to create “a nice open-air feeling – especially if one can be used to bridge kitchen and living areas, another major 2013 kitchen    design trend.”
  •  Neutral color schemes: The use of neutral colors in the kitchen is on the rise, particularly in shades of grays and greens and a variety of wood tones. Bright colors are being reserved for only small accents in the kitchen.
  • Fancy appliances: Professional gas ranges and induction cooktops are popular kitchen appliances for making a more gourmet kitchen.

Decorative range hoods: Trends are moving away from a conventional stainless steel trapezoid-shaped hood to more decorative range hoods. These hoods may have built-in LED lights and are even serving almost like a decorative chandelier for a kitchen

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