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Elementary School Tailagating | The Sahuarita Conenctionby Mary Lou Klem
Lifelong Learning Academy-Tucson
Digital Technology Academy-Green Valley & Sahuarita

Yes! Elementary school tailgating is what we jokingly call it, but we take our tailgating very seriously.  All parents help their children develop lifelong habits of good nutrition.  We model healthy choices of food selection, we talk with our children about foods that are good for them and foods that should be consumed only upon occasion, and we always discuss moderation in terms of daily energy intake. Good nutrition is the single, most important routine we as parents can nurture within our child’s lifestyle. The reality is, it’s not always as easy as it sounds to develop good nutrition habits within our children’s lifestyles.  So, please allow me introduce you to Elementary School Tailgating step by step.  It’s really fun and you and your children will love it.  Remember, these steps are suggestions and it is really awesome is to hear how parents and their kids develop their own Elementary School

  • Tailgating takes place as soon as school is dismissed.
  • Pick up your child from school every day if you can.
  • As soon as your child is safely secured in their seat belt, hand out the hand sanitizer and sanitize your child’s hands.
  • Have your child wipe their face with a slightly warm wash cloth from home that you prepared the night before and placed in a zip lock bag.
  • Now that the hands are clean and the face is fresh its time to commence tailgating!
  • Pass out the fruit! Raisins, dried fruit, apple or orange slices, water melon or cantaloupe.  This goes in the right hand and a glass of water goes in the left.
  • Stay parked in the parking lot and strike up a conversation with your child while the two of you eat fruit and drink water.  This is the perfect time to ask about your child’s day at school and talk about routine building.
  • Once you have eaten your fruit, enjoyed your 15 minute visit about your day, its time to collect all the left over stuff, place it in your Tailgating Tub and head for home.
  • Tailgating is not OVER yet – Once you are home, your child helps set up the Tailgating TUB for the next day with you.
  • First, get a clean wash cloth and put it in a zip lock bag with a half a cup of water. Put the zip lock bag with the wash cloth in it into the Tailgating Tub.
  • Second, make sure you have the hand sanitized in your Tailgating Tub.
  • Third, select the fruit you and your child will eat the next day while tailgating in the parking lot of the school.  Place the fruit in the Tub and in the refrigerator.  Don’t forget to refill the water bottle too.

Elementary School Tailgating – done for the day! If you would like a FREE Elementary School Tailgating Kit, please call 219-4383 x 100 and ask for one to be reserved for you and your family.  You can pick up your FREE Tailgating Kit at Digital Technology Academy and Performing Arts School, 1250 W. Continental Road, Green Valley, AZ.

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