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Picture1With the FRESH START program you can finance a Primary Residence immediately following a Short Sale or Foreclosure and as early as 6 months after a Bankruptcy!
You must put twenty five percent down for this program and have a 600 credit score. Single Family Houses only, No Condos. Fresh Start Refinance options available
as well.

Q. We lost our home in foreclosure and are currently renting. With housing prices so low, is there any way we can buy a home while rates are at these historically low levels?

A.Everyone tells you NO, but with Peoples Mortgage Company’s Fresh Start Loan Program, even someone with a foreclosure, short sale or recent bankruptcy can qualify for a mortgage.

Q. I have heard of this program, but don’t you charge a ridiculously high interest rate?

A.No. This is not a “hard money” loan program. Unlike “hard money” loans, the Fresh Start program offers a competitive interest rate and has all the features of a traditional mortgage.

Q. This sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

A.There is no catch! The Fresh Start loan allows you to get out of that rental and own your own home again. You can rebuild your credit and stop throwing away money on rent payments. Start building equity in your new home! The Fresh Start loan is a 3/1 or 5/1 ARM designed for:

WHO….Borrowers who lost a home in the recent downturn but who are otherwise responsible borrowers.

WHAT…The purchase or refinance of a primary residence.

HOW…..Full income documentation and 25% down payment is required!

Q. How do I apply for the Fresh Start Loan?

A. C ontact a Fresh Start Specialist at Peoples Mortgage Company today!

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