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Refinance NowBy Mike Morgan of Peoples Mortgage Company

VA/FHA Streamline refinance
If you currently have a government loan (VA or FHA) you could possibly refinance without having to have an appraisal or qualify again for the loan. Even if you owe more on your loan than what your property is currently worth, that’s ok, as long as we can verify that:

1.  All of your mortgage payments have all been made on time
2.  You have had the loan for at least 6 months
3.  Your credit score is at least 640 & you are still working

HARP 2.0 refinance
If you currently have a conventional loan owned by either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac it is possible to refinance even if your loan exceeds the current value of your home. You have to have obtained the loan prior to May of 2009 to be eligible. These loans do require an appraisal and qualifying unlike the government loans but the loan to value can now be unlimited per this government program.

Purchase ONE day after a short sale or foreclosure
This loan program is exclusive to Peoples Mortgage Company. You can possibly purchase a new home just one day after a short sale, foreclosure of deed in lieu.

1. Minimum or 600 Fico
2. Primary residence only
3. Minimum or 30% down payment

Please call me for more details on any of these programs or feel free to email me at: Phone 520-954-7686.

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