Is your dog ready for Rattlesnake Season?

Mar 27th, 2011 | By | Category: Tips & Tricks & Handy Advice

Rattlesnake Awareness Classes | The Sahuarita ConnectionAs our temperatures warm up, rattlesnakes start to come out of hibernation.  Since most dogs can’t tell the difference between a Rattlesnake and a fun, wiggling toy, you need to consider enrolling your pup in Rattlesnake Avoidance classes.  If you get your dog to the vet in time after being bitten by a Rattlesnake,  treatment can cost between $800-$5,500.  In addition to the monetary pain of those bills, the pain and possibility of permanent injury or even death is immeasurable.

Rattlesnake Avoidance classes help to train your pet to  avoid the smell, sight, and sound of Rattlesnakes. The classes typically cost  between $65-$85. Most are group classes, but private one-on-one training is also available.  Once properly trained, your pup should be able to alert you to the presence of a rattlesnake while also keeping their distance.  That’s an added bonus of getting your dog trained, since most people don’t see snakes until they are within striking distance. For more information, visit:

For local classes check out The Jimmydog Company’s ad (Scroll down a little) or go to