Fat Burning Workouts

Jan 19th, 2012 | By | Category: uncategorized

Health and Fitness | Fat burning workouts Fat burning workouts are pretty simple, as long as you have the motivation to stick with them.  Combined with eating in a way that helps promote fat burning, they result in a leaner, meaner you.

Do some sort of aerobic exercise every day for 30 minutes.  Aerobic exercise is exercise that gets your heart pumping faster but not so fast that it struggles or you’re out of breath.  This includes walking, jogging, swimming, stationary bike, and a host of other activities.  Include intervals into the aerobic work outs.  These are bursts of higher activity that help boost the metabolism even more.  For example if walking, run for a minute.

The health guides that say to do aerobic exercise three times a week or even five times a week are wrong.  The body needs this work every day.  Pick an activity you can maintain so that you can stick with it seven days a week for the rest of your life.  The best time for aerobic activity is before breakfast, so the body burns stored fat.  In addition to this aerobic exercise add a 10-30 minute after lunch or dinner walk to your daily routine.  Finally, look for opportunities to move.  This can mean anything from parking further from the office so you have to walk from the car to the door, to using the stairs instead of the elevator, to raking leaves rather than blowing them.

Tone muscles with weight training at least three times a week.  Toned muscles make your metabolism speed into overdrive.  A faster metabolism means burning more calories, and thus more fat, even when you’re simply performing routine, day to day activities.  You’ll also feel better and look better just because of the toned muscle.

Don’t skip breakfast.  If you do your body gets a message that it’s starving, and breaks into slow metabolism mode.  A slow metabolism is the enemy of fat burning.  Another way to avoid slow metabolism is to make sure to eat enough every day.  For most people this means at least 1200 calories each day.  Any fewer and your body is back in starvation mode, working against your efforts to burn fat.

Fat burning workouts combined with healthy eating can have amazing results.  They don’t have to be hard.  In fact if it’s too hard you’ll lose motivation and drop the program.  Too many people get gung-ho on working out after Christmas, or just before the summer beach season, but don’t even make it for a month before the difficult workouts ground them into quitting.  Don’t be one of these flash in the pan health enthusiasts.