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Q. Is there anything I need to do to my house to get ready for winter?

A.As desert dwellers, it is easy to forget the fact that our winter nights get chilly and temperatures can drop below freezing. With that in mind, there
are a few home maintenance steps you should take now before our temperatures start dropping.


Since water expands upon freezing, it is important to insulate your exterior water pipes so they don’t burst. You can pick up inexpensive foam “sleeves” at hardware stores that can be cut to size and slipped over pipes to help keep them from freezing. Drain and store your garden hose to prevent it from cracking, too.


If you heat your home with wood heat or a gas heater, don’t forget about the danger of carbon-monoxide poisoning. Installing carbonmonoxide detectors is a must. These detectors look and sound like smoke detectors, but they are designed to detect carbon-monoxide gas. Check the batteries in your carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors annually and make sure the detectors are working. It’s a good idea to set an annual date that’s easy to remember for changing the batteries.


Have a licensed HVAC tech check your furnace annually. Professionals normally vacuum the unit, lubricate the parts, replace your filter and check the thermostat. If you are new to Sahuarita and you don’t think you will be using your furnace, think again! Your furnace needs regular maintenance to operate efficiently and safely.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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